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Laser Gummy Smile Correction and Lumineers by Dr. Habib Zarifeh Best Dentist in Middle East and First ISO 9001:2008 Certified Clinic

Gummy Smile is a condition that affects 10% of young Adults (Ages 20-35). It is caused by a variety of factors including excess gum covering the teeth due to an abnormal eruption of the teeth, an excess of maxillary jaw bone, a short upper lip or a “Hyperactive” upper lip that retracts too much during full smile.

 During Gummy SmileTo correct a faulty Smile or Gum Dr. Habib Zarifeh simply uses Laser technology to go through the excessive gums and removes them without making you fell any pain.

Right After Gummy Smile

Once you have finished your laser Gummy Smile, it is much easier and better to have your perfect white smile because you have already created a good spacing for the Lumineers to sit on your Original Teeth.

After Gummy Smile before Lumineers After Gummy Smile and  Lumineer

 Therefore, this is the steps and the way to have a confident satisfied Smile.

To have more information on Gummy Smile Correction, all you have to do is contact us on our hotline: +961 70567444

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